Anonym asked:
I've been depressed for a very long time and I've cut myself since im 12. A while ago I had a wonderful day and I made this big step of throwing my blades away. The thing is, that a "famous" man is responsible for that. He is a politican in our country. My friends don't know, that he's the reason. Should I tell them? Even though they will laugh about that and will start to harass me? But I'm not even sure if they want to know that. They weren't that happy about finding out about my big decision.

I know how you feel.
It’s very good that you did this, it shows that you’re strong!
you should only tell them when you know that they’ll not judge you or laugh at you.. I think it’s better when not. keep it for yourself because when they don’t see your scars anymore, te’ll know or even ask you about that..

Anonym asked:
May I ask you a question?

Sure. :)